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project details

Project Details


Initially a proof-of-concept PHP/MySQL application using the MyActiveRecord (MAR) framework to collect and administer form submissions which later formed the basis for a client-requested custom application.


  1. Minimal core functionality (search, edit, delete, save).
  2. The framework should be easily extensible in case new features were needed.


Ah yes, the challenges. Well, simply put: everything. This was my first foray into anything PHP so it was an uphill battle from start to finish. It turned out pretty well though it’s probably a bit dated by now.

final thoughts

This was my first web-based application so seeing it work the way I intended is very satisfying. PHP is still very much a mystery to me and I’ve been torn about whether I want to pursue PHP or learn Ruby instead. I’m leaning towards Ruby but this project will always be special. You never forget your first.

This small application uses the MAR PHP framework and MySQL and is based on a custom database I built for a client as a way to collect and manage form submissions. As the client requested it’s straightforward, providing an overview of the submissions, as well as search, edit and delete functions. The intent wasn’t to reinvent the wheel but to build a simple application that Just Works™.


Unlike the Web Design section this area is for web-based applications I've built in programming languages like PHP, MySQL and Ruby. So far it’s just PHP and MySQL, though I'm working on some Ruby examples.