Xiiro Graphite pencil hand-drawn illustrations

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Project Details

why only one example?

As much as I love drawing the daily business of media design has taken over my creative time, but thanks to recent outside interest I'm working on new projects. I hope to get more drawings on the site but this stuff does take a long time, even when I used to have more time to devote to it.


A pencil drawing doesn't always have the perceived glamour associated with painting, but a pencil is capable of equally deceptive power and subtlety. I'm not saying a pencil is superior (or inferior) to a brush and paint, just that sometimes it's underappreciated as an art tool, relegated to second-class status.

my favorite subject matter

Whatever the subject there's most likely an abundance of detail to be exploited. It could be anything: the texture of a tree trunk, the subtle veins of a flower petal, a shadow, but nothing is more consistently fascinating than the human form and face, it just never gets boring.

what's next?

I've had a request to do a graphic novel style drawing which is something I've always had an interest in but have never pursued so I'm really excited to venture down that path.

final thoughts

I'm pretty happy with ‘Woman in Coat’. There are of course things I don't like about it but then what creative person hasn't said that about their own work?

This illustration is based on a photo I saw in a fashion rag. Photorealism is very appealing, conveying the smallest nuance and detail, or at least trying to. I'm not sure where it comes from but whatever the reason I love the challenge, and this drawing was a fun exercise in detail rendering.

drawings in progress …