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Dr. Norbert Wetzel

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Dr. Norbert Wetzel

Co-founder and Director of Princeton Family Institute

Media Design and Development

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jeffrey AXELBANK Psy., D.

The professional website for Princeton, NJ psychologist Jeffrey H. Axelbank Psy., D.

michael  ROOKER

A veteran actor, Michael’s filmography spans 30 years. He can currently be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. Before his character Merle Dixon’s untimely end he was also on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. Visit him at Michael Rooker Online.

QREATiv space

A community project for artists, designers, developers, geeks and any creative people working in the digital and analog medium. Visit QREATiv.

photorealistic  ILLUSTRATION

A small hand-drawn piece done with graphite pencil on bristol. Imagine that, an honest-to-goodness pencil.

craftsmanship in a point-n-click world

Design is about solving problems.

I could say I design and build hand-coded websites and web applications or create graphic designs and illustrations, and while true they’re the obvious end result of an often complex puzzle of disparate branding, technical and creative pieces. It doesn’t offer an insight into the process and scope of work that goes into creating an effective final product.

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Clients often don’t realize what their needs are or how to find the path to a solution, this is both common and solvable. However it’s very different from a client who isn’t vested in their project. If you view your brand and website as an afterthought then it's unlikely you’ll value my time and effort.

Ask Yourself: “What Do I Need?”

Everything about designing and building for the Web is a moving target. The landscape changes fast and often and creative professionals need to evolve as technology and design inevitably do to meet the ever-changing demands of modern practices and client needs. Craftsmanship encompasses more than the technical and creative, it requires communication, critical assessment, and most importantly, a plan.

— Todd